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Tablet Docking Stations: Solutions for simultaneous charging / synchronization of multiple Tablets / iPads / iPods at companies, schools, and in healthcare. Tablet Docking stations take up little space and can be placed on a desk or in a cupboard.

Applicability of tablet charging station for charging multiple tablets

Tablets are placed in a tablet dock without hassle. Cable management ensures that the docking area is cleared and the cables do not get tangled into a cable spaghetti in the tablet charging station. Tablets are placed in the slots or between dividers. The use of protective or slim-cases around tablets is usually not a problem. 

There are multi tablet charging stations that also have a sync function besides the charging function. Tablet charging stations with auto docking are available too. These are available with a special tablet case. This iPad case guarantees a perfect connection to the iPad's lightning connector for fast and efficient charging of the iPad.

Advantages Wireless charging of tablets on a docking station

There is also wireless charging of tablet computers available. Without cables, charging is integrated into the latest tablet and smartphone, iPhone and iPad models. When using older tablets without the integrated wireless charging functionality, special protective covers are available to enable wireless charging of iPads. The Apple certified wireless chargers are a widely used solution to always have iPads in superior power condition. Synchronization of tablets on wireless charging stations for tablets can be achieved via WiFi with an MDM software.

A Tablet Desktop Docking Station requires little space, has only one power outlet which requires just one power socket. It is an intelligent solution if there's little space to spare for tablet charging units. Vertical placement ensures optimal use of the limited space in cabinets, offices or at reception desks. The multi iPad charging stations are ideal for use in educational institutions, at home and for professional use in companies.


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