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tablet size
Wall or desk stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 10.1" black Fino
Samsung Galaxy TAB 9.6" Floor stand, black, stainless steel pedestal
Desk and wall stand for Samsung Galaxy TAB E 9.6" black Fino
Arya - clear acrylic lectern with curved front plate
Tablet floor stand Securo 12-13 inch white
Desk or wall mount for Samsung Galaxy View 18,4" white, black Fino
iPad mini wall or desk mount Fino black
Tablet floor stand for 9-11 inch tablets, Securo
Tablet wall mount flat Securo for iPad 10.5" and other 9-11 inch tablets
Wall or desk mount for tablets 9-10 inch tablets black Prezzo
Tablet desk stand Securo 7-8 inch stainless steel lockable
Floorstand white Apple Pro 12.9 acrylic holder
Jasmine - clear acrylic lectern
Tablet floor stand for 10.1" inch tablets, Securo
Modulare Monitor floor stand - Vesa 75 up to 200
Display stand for tablets 9-11 inch white Securo
Tablet floor stand for Samsung Galaxy View 18,4" white, Fino
Floor stand for tablets 12-13 inch black Securo-Kiosk
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(€185,88 incl. VAT)
Tablet floor stand Securo 12-13 inch stainless steel
iPad mini desk stand Fino white
iPad Pro 12.9" desk stand Fino black