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Suitable for
tablet size
Neptune - Lectern with curved frontpanel
Neptune graphite- Lectern with curved frontpanel
Desk stand Securo for iPad 10.5"
iPad Desk/wall stand Securo for iPad 10.5"
Neptune - Lectern with curved front panel, silver grey, free!
Tablet wall and table kiosk Securo 7-8 inch, grey, lock option
iPad desk/wall stand Securo for iPad 10.5"
Tablet floor stand Securo 12-13 inch grey
Tablet floor Securo 9-11 inch grey lockable
Tablet wall and desk mount Securo 9 - 11 inch grey, lock option
Tablet floor stand Securo 7-8 inch grey lockable
Tablet floor stand Meglio white cassette 7-8 inch with grey base