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Suitable for
tablet size
Neptune - Lectern with curved frontpanel
Wall or desk stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 10.1" black Fino
Samsung Galaxy TAB 9.6" Floor stand, black, stainless steel pedestal
Universal 12-13 tablet floor stand Kiosk, white
Desk stand for iPad Pro 12.9" white/stainless steel Fino
Desk and wall stand for Samsung Galaxy TAB E 9.6" black Fino
Arya - clear acrylic lectern with curved front plate
Esmeralda - Wanted wooden/acrylic lectern
Desk stand for iPad Pro 12.9" white Fino
Voyager - Beautiful design tribune with arched acrylic front
Pollux - Completely wood veneer Oak lectern
Desk stand for Samsung Tab E 9.6” black Fino
Tablet floor stand Securo 12-13 inch white
Rhea - Real wood veneer
Desk stand for Samsung Tab A 2016 10.1” white Fino
Desk or wall mount for Samsung Galaxy View 18,4" white, black Fino
Desk stand for Samsung Galaxy View 18.4” black Fino
Wooden transport case
Desk stand for Samsung Tab E 9.6” white Fino
iPad mini wall or desk mount Fino black